Agenda 2018 - Wild Health Summits : Connectivity Wild Health Summits : Connectivity

Agenda 2018

8.30am to 9:00am


9.00am to 9.15am

Writer, broadcaster, The Chaser’s Chris Taylor

9.15am to 9.30am

Digitising Health – the Blueprint that will Transform Victoria’s Healthcare

  • Where we are now – a day in the life of a hospital doctor
  • Victoria’s Digitising health strategy; six key building blocks to digital health and our priority initiatives
  • How clinical systems, integration and interoperability will embrace smarter data use – driving preventive health, early intervention and self-managed care
  • Requirements for a future digital health landscape; The digital technologies and tools that will alter the way health care is delivered and accessed by local and remote patients

Keynote Speaker: Neville Board, Chief Digital Officer, Department of Health and Human Services

9.30am to 10.35am

One Patient, One Record – the Holy Grail of Health Care  

  • What is the real impact of one centrally-held medical record?
  • The evidence for a centralised Electronic Mail Record (EMR)
  • Does the My Health Record play a meaningful role (or not) in bridging the system to the evolving digital hospital ecosystem?
  • Wait a minute: is technology looking like it’s going to bypass the centralised EMR?
  • What needs to change and why?

Panellists : Angela Ryan (Aust. Digital Health Agency’s General Manager, Clinical Strategy, and Deputy Chief Clinical Information Officer), Professor Peter Sprivulis (A/Chief Clinical Information Officer, Dept. of Health, Gvt of Western Australia), Matthew Thatcher ( Director, Electronic Medical Record, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne), Robyn Gillies (Chief Medical Information Officer, Melbourne Health), Sallyanne Wissmann (Director, Information Management, Mater Health), Professor Michael Georgeff (CEO, Precedence Health Care)

Moderator : Tim Blake (Managing Director, Semantic Consulting)

10:35am to 10:50am

Emerging Technologies and their Potential Impact on New Models of Care

  • How “disruptive technologies” (mobile, cloud, IoT) are impacting business models of care in health
  • Examples of how health services can leverage these technologies
  • How greater connectivity and power of mobile devices supports distributed work tasks

Keynote Speaker: Dr Anthony Maeder, Chair Digital Health Systems & Co-Director, Flinders Digital Health Research Centre

10.50am to 11.10am


11.10am to 11.25am

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence – the Trends, the Realities

  • The predictive analytic tools that can be ‘trained’ on specific data to make specific predictions
  • The power of AI to circumvent human cognitive bottlenecks
  • Can AI participate in end-of-life decisions without the risk of harm?
  • If today’s AIs are trained to diagnose specific illnesses and recommend therapies, what’s the future look like?

Keynote Speaker: Professor Enrico Coiera (Director of the Centre for Health Informatics, Australian Institute of Health Innovation)

11.25am to 11.40am

Continuous, AI Driven Healthcare — What’s Possible Today?

  • Using technology available today what can be done to make healthcare sustainable and safe?
  • The changes required to clinical practice to make it more ‘machine friendly’
  • How machines can understand patient goals and wishes
  • What might AI-driven models of care look like

Keynote Speaker: Dr Malcolm Pradhan (Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion)

11.40am to 12.30pm

On-demand Everything and the Future of Health

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) – reviewing the potential for dramatic gains in health outcomes, assessing the risks
  • Predictive analytics – how variety, velocity, and volume of big data is saving time, costs and lives
  • Mobile/apps – are they (really) delivering on the promise of advanced time-management capabilities for clinicians?
  • Security challenges; risk mitigation strategies and tactics for the future
  • Why (and how) virtual care is one of the fastest growing sectors in the overall health care market.
  • Beyond 2020: the trends, challenges, devices and technologies expected to present new opportunities

Panellists: Andrew Saunders (Digital Advisor, former Health CIO, Department of Health and Human Services), Sharon Hakkennes (Chief Information Officer, Barwon Health), Dr Kim Wong (Chief Medical Information Officer, Peninsula Health), Dr Anthony Maeder (Chair Digital Health Systems & Co-Director, Flinders Digital Health Research Centre), Dr Mohanraj K Karunanithi (Group Leader, Health & Biosecurity,? CSIRO)

Moderator : David Paré (Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare & Life Sciences, DXC Technology)

12.30pm to 1.30pm


1.30pm to 2.15pm

Jeremy Knibbs, Publisher of The Medical Republic, questions Tim Kelsey, CEO of the Federal Government’s Australian Digital Health Agency, on the critical trends and challenges facing our health care system, and takes a deeper dive into what’s next for the evolving, digitally-enabled  sector.

2.15pm to 2.30pm

Beyond the Data Exchange – the Next Frontier

  • Building interoperability in practice rather than theory – what’s next?
  • The fire behind FHIR – more than tech: it’s a community, it’s a culture
  • Shifting the focus from data to clinical interoperability: when and how?
  • MyHR: a review of progress
  • Australian e-Health standards: how do we move forward?

Keynote Speaker: Grahame Grieve (Principal, Health Intersections)

2.30pm to 2.45pm

Advanced Data Analytics: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder  

  • Data analytics’ advancement in prevention, early intervention and continuity of care
  • The links to cognitive processing (Artificial Intelligence), decision alerts, support and research
  • How smarter, smaller sensors and the automatic collection of clinical data will become key in digital health
  • Genomic’s role for precision medicine and Blockchain’s potential for a personally stored Health Record

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Saunders (Digital Advisor, former Health CIO, Department of Health and Human Services)

2:45pm to 3:00pm

The Future of Medicine – the Rise of CRISPR, the Neural Lace and the Approaching AI Singularity

  • The developments in CRISPR and new genetic arms race
  • The emerging use of Brain-Computer Interfaces and implications for future prosthetics
  • The rise of the robots and the changing roles of doctors
  • The ethical and legal implications of autonomous diagnosis and treatment
  • The future of health and humanity as we approach the singularity

Keynote Speaker: Professor Erwin Loh, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Innovation, Patient Safety and Experience at Monash Health

3.00pm to 3.30pm


3.30pm to 3.45pm

Keynote: Digital Innovation in the Future of Aged care – the Smarter Safer Homes Platform

  • Globally, the population is ageing and there an increase prevalence of chronic diseases and aged-related conditions
  • Current aged and health care system are not sustainable to meet the needs of the ageing community
  • Future of aged care needs smart-assistive technologies and systems to support the needs of ageing community

Keynote Speaker : Dr Mohanraj K Karunanithi (Group Leader, Health & Biosecurity,? CSIRO)

3.45pm to 5.00pm

Bridging our Interoperability Gaps – What’s Next?

  • True, seamless interoperability: what does success look like?
  • Primary versus tertiary – how collaboration and culture are key to success
  • The greater good: how do we get pathology, imaging, and practice management / eMR software vendors on page?

Panellists : Dr Mukesh Haikerwal (AO and former President of the AMA), Dr Nathan Pinskier (Chair of the RACGP National Standing Committee for eHealth), Grahame Grieve (Principal, Health Intersections), Emma Hossack (President, Medical Industry Software Assoc.), Professor Erwin Loh (Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Innovation, Patient Safety and Experience at Monash Health), Dr David Hay (Product Strategist, Orion Health)

Moderator : Dr John Lambert (Digital Advisor, former CCIO at eHealth NSW)

5.00pm to 7.00pm

Cocktails, Canapes and Networking!
* Music, Margaritas, Meet the Speakers