8.30am to 9:00am


9.00am to 9.15am

Writer, broadcaster, The Chaser's Craig Reucassel

9.15am to 9.30am

Using Health Information Platforms to Connect Across Healthcare and Improve Patient Outcomes

  • As healthcare providers become increasingly digitised, what are the key opportunities to better connect patient information across healthcare providers?
  • How Health Information Platforms are integrating real time patient information across multiple care providers, enabling clinicians to make better informed care decisions and shaping the patient’s care pathway.
  • Real-world examples of Health Information Platforms, including cancer screening registers and real time monitoring of high risk prescriptions.
  • How to overcome healthcare siloes and improve safety and quality of care

Keynote Speaker: Russel Duncan (CTO, Telstra Health)

9.30am to 10.30am


  • In the age of integration, why is primary and tertiary healthcare still experiencing a data disconnect?
  • Is digital standardisation ever a real possibility; what roadblocks need to be removed and by whom?
  • Are clinicians being involved enough at the coalface of the digital integration conversation?
  • Are health CXOs voices being heard among government health-innovation policy makers?
  • Does the My Health Record play a meaningful role (or not) in bridging the digital divide in the evolving integrated hospital ecosystem?
  • Integration and Security: is it much more about policies, processes, governance and culture than tech?
  • Future skills: should the career framework for clinicians and nursing staff be modelled around informatics and digital transformation?

Panellists : Lynelle Hales (CEO of Sydney North Primary Health Network), Walter Kmet (CEO of Western Sydney Primary Health Network), Darren Rogers (General Manager and Director of Clinical Services at UnitingCare’s St Stephen’s Private Hospital, Hervey Bay, Queensland ), Emma Hossack (CEO, Medical Software Industry Association, Queensland)

Moderator : Norman Swan (Multi-award winning broadcast journalist (ABC television and Radio National))

10.30am to 10.50am

The Next Wave in Digital Health – Lessons from Around the World

  • Key insights from John’s travels of 400,000 miles a year helping countries with strategic planning in healthcare
  • Lessons learned about technology, policy, and innovation from Asia, UK, Europe, Africa, and the US
  • The increasing impact of mobile apps connected to existing EHRs via emerging standards such as FHIR
  • Technologies at the peak of hype: block chain, machine learning, and the internet of things – understanding the reality of what works and what has potential
  • The cybersecurity implications of sharing more data with more stakeholders for more purposes

Keynote Speaker: Dr John Halamka (CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess System, International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School, United States)

10.50am to 11.20am


11.20am to 11.40am

The FIRE in FHIR that is Disrupting Healthcare for the Greater Good

  • Australia’s very own chief architect behind FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) talks about the global standard that is gaining momentum among health’s top decision makers worldwide
  • What’s really needed in Australia to shift the focus from a “data” mindset to clinical interoperability?
  • What’s on the horizon for clinical data exchange?

Keynote Speaker: Grahame Grieve (Principal, Health Intersections and Project Lead and Product Director for FHIR)

11.40am to 12.00pm

Using AI and Machine Learning on Electronic Health Data to Transform Medical Care

  • Improving cost and quality of healthcare by learning from millions of patient-years of messy electronic health data
  • Real-time clinical predictions that outperform traditional risk scores by harnessing the patient's longitudinal data
  • Applying lessons learnt from handling vast amounts of web data to help clinicians focus their attention on the right patient and the right data

Keynote Speaker: Eyal Oren (Product Manager, Google Brain, United States)

12:00pm to 12:15pm

Australia’s First Hospital of the Future – the Hallmarks for Success

  • How St Stephen’s became Australia’s first hospital to reach Healthcare Information Management System Society (HIMSS) Stage 7 certification
  • Fully digitally-integrated = no charts, no writing,
  • A world-class model of patient care: from closed-loop medication management to a fully-integrated patient care
  • Does a fully digital hospital improve patient care and reduce mistakes?
  • What’s next for Australia’s first hospital of the future?

Keynote Speaker: Darren Rogers (General Manager and Director of Clinical Services at UnitingCare’s St Stephen’s Private Hospital, Hervey Bay, Queensland )

12.15pm to 12.35pm

Future Health Reality-Check: How Far, How Soon…Seriously?

Healthcare is undergoing a transformation, harnessing new ways to see and treat patients, collaborate and share patient information. To deliver targeted, preventive and effective medical care, organisations must embrace new digital IT architectures.

  • The Frost & Sullivan Digital Health Outlook research highlights on what Australian health decision makers will invest in the next 3 years; and why
  • Current state of digital technology use in healthcare, and significance of digital adoption within the industry
  • The critical areas that solution providers and health providers need to join forces to create a ‘partner ecosystem’ to enable true patient-centric services
  • Importance of interoperability, and the shift towards more integrated digital ecosystems
  • Investing in a future-ready platform: pillars of a well-designed digital IT architecture


Interviewees: Jeremy Deutsch (Managing Director of Equinix) and Mark Dougan (Managing Director of research company, Frost & Sullivan)

Interviewer: Jeremy Knibbs (Publisher of The Medical Republic)

12.35pm to 1.40pm


1.40pm to 1.55pm

When Experience Matters

  • Exploring the latest evidence about how clinical users from around the world are responding to their information technology; and what this means for  healthcare delivery systems and key stakeholders
  • A candid look at what it may mean for Australian healthcare delivery systems if things persist
  • Key insights into what ‘change’ may look like; and the promising signs of transformation already occurring

Keynote Speaker: Professor Chris Bain (Digital Health – Faculty IT; Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Services, Monash University Digital Health Lead)

1.55pm to 2.10pm

Designing Digital Hospitals for the Future – an Insider's Perspective

  • Why we need digital hospitals; and what are the latest stand-out features?
  • Essentials to consider when designing digital hospitals; and how to ensure they are scalable and ‘future-proof’
  • A technology lead’s predictions of what the future of tech will deliver in healthcare

Keynote Speaker: Rod Sprenger (Technology Lead, Victorian Heart Hospital)

2:10pm to 2:25pm

AI and Machine Learning – the Key to a Learning Health System

  • The AI opportunity
  • Quality and safety challenges for consumers and clinicians
  • How should the clinical professions and the community engage with the arrival of AI?
  • What’s the hold-up? What’s needed to get AI in action in Australia?

Keynote Speaker: Professor Enrico Coiera (Director of the Centre of Health Informatics, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University)

2.25pm to 2.45pm


2.45pm to 3.50pm


  • Innovation's role in delivering the 'Holy Grail of Health' – a single patient view
  • The 24x7, mobile connected patient — are we there yet?
  • What will a centrally-held medical record look like in the future?
  • Measuring success, overcoming obstacles: what needs to change and why?
  • How "disruptive technologies" (mobile, cloud, blockchain, AR/VR, IoT) will impact the future of patient care
  • Beyond 2020: the trends, challenges, devices and technologies expected to present new opportunities

Panellists :Dr John Halamka (CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess System, International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School, United States); Cheryl McCullagh (Director of Clinical Integration at The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network); Rod Sprenger (Technology Lead at Australia's first fully-digitally-integrated heart hospital, The Victorian Heart Hospital, Victoria); Dr Tony Sara (Director, Clinical Information Systems, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District), Dr Angus Ritchie (Chief Medical Information Officer and Director, Sydney Local Health District)

Moderator : Paul Shetler – formerly Australia's Chief Digital Officer (Partner, AccelerateHQ)

3.50pm to 5.00pm

Watch This Space Showcase!

Australia’s most impressive clinically-led health start-ups who are leading the charge in next-gen telehealth, virtual reality, blockchain, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence will take to the stage in an innovation showcase like no other.

Dr Silvia Pfeiffer (Founder and CEO of Coviu Global), Elliot Smith (CEO & Co-Founder at Maxwell Plus), Catherine Resnick (Founder and CEO of KinChip Systems), Dr Rob Pearlman (Founder, MedApps), Dr Robert Laidlaw (Founder and Executive Director of Secure Health Chain), Dr Katja Beitat (CEO and Founder of Clinivid), Dr Jonathan King (Founder and CEO of Lysn Health), Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan (Co-Founder of Vantari VR), Dr Vijay Paul (Co-founder, Vantari VR), Rami Weiss (CEO Healthshare)

Moderator : Dr Amandeep Hansra (GP, digital health expert, Founder of Evermed Consulting)

5.00pm to 7.00pm

Cocktails, Canapes and Networking!
* Music, Margaritas, Meet the Speakers