Great Debates

This is the DRAFT Agenda for this year's wild Health Summits

8.30am to 9:00am


9.00am to 9.15am


9.15am to 9.30am

Tertiary vs Primary care digital transformation progress

  • Why is tertiary so disconnected from primary still in terms of digital evolution
  • What are the key issues facing both sectors and should they be working better together
  • How can they? Why would they?

Keynote Speaker: TBD

9.30am to 10.30am

Great Debate No 1: Who is doing better at digital health? Tertiary or Primary Care? Why?

  • Panelists for Tertiary:
  • Panelists for Primary:
  • Moderator:
  • Adjudication: Jeremy Knibbs


10.30am to 10.45am

From Left  of Field:
Where is CRISPA taking us...really, and how fast?

Speaker: TBD

10.45am to 11.15am


Plus: Networking appointments

11.15am to 11.30am

 A short  history of state and federal government digital health

  • A ready reckoner on the  evolving history of tertiary and primary care policy, structure and progress.
  • Some ideas

Speaker: TBD

11.30am to 12.30pm

Great Debate No 2: Our healthcare system will work much better if we pay doctors for outcomes not throughput? 

  • Panelists For:
  • Panelists Against:
  • Moderator: (TBA)
  • Adjudication: Jeremy Knibbs




12:30pm to 12:40pm

The Mad King

The King who killed his psychiatrist and other dark tales

Speaker: Dr Robert Kaplan (TBC)

No, this session has no digital health in it!



12.15pm to 12.35pm

Armchair fight

Two leading ER doctors discuss the pros and cons of getting a new EMR, and whether they even want one or not.




12.35pm to 1.40pm


Networking Appointments (continue)

1.40pm to 3.00 pm

Audience Policy Hack
An audience participation session where with an expert panel and a master moderator, we attempt to solve a 'wicked' digital health policy problem.

  • Today's challenge: how do we get the government to back, fund and help maintain FHIR in Australia?
  • Panelists:
    • TBA


Afternoon Tea

3.20pm to 4.20pm

Great Debate No 3.

Technologists, doctors, patients: you have to marry one, kill one and , know. Which one do you kill if you have to choose one ... and why?

  • For Technologists:
  • For Doctors:
  • For Patients:




 5.00pm to 5.10pm

This is the end

Wrap - MC


5.10pm to 7.10pm

Cocktails, Canapes, a guitarist and Networking!
* Music, Margaritas, Meet the Speakers and our Sponsors