Agenda 2019

This is the DRAFT Agenda for this year's wild Health Summits

8.30am to 9:00am


9.00am to 9.15am



Craig  Reucassel – Presenter (ABC)

9.15am to 9.30am


Healthcare digital transformation, data interoperability, FHIR and the cloud in the US and Australia

Keynote Speaker: TBC

9.30am to 10.30am

Great Debate 1:

The patient, the doctor and the technologist: If you could pick only one? 

What is this debate really about?

The reality of a patient centric approach to healthcare and how digital healthcare’s promise of patient centric is so far just that – a promise.


  • Consumer power in health isn’t what it is in other transformed markets?
  • Are we training doctors for the shift to patient centric?
  • The MHR – is it consumer power or government power?
  • Why health apps aren’t helping – so far?
  • Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others in mix
  • Distributed databases, FHIR and other enabling technologies
  • Why institutions can’t really be patient centric
  • A role for EMR and PMS vendors, or not?
  • The cloud and consumer expectation
  • Apps and companies that are at the patient centric interface


  • Bettina McMahon- Chief Operating Officer (Australian Digital Health Agency)
  • Professor Mary Foley – Managing Director (Telstra Health), Melbourne only
  • Matiu Bush – Senior Strategist Business Innovation (Bolton Clarke)
  • Professor Erwin Loh – Group Chief Medical Officer (St Vincent’s Health)
  • Dr. George Margelis – Adjunct Associate Professor (University Western Sydney), Sydney only
  • Rod Sprenger – Technology Lead (Victorian Heart Hospital), Melbourne only
  • Dr. Angus Ritchie – Chief Medical Officer (Sydney Local Health District), Sydney only
  • Dr. Malcolm Pradhan- Chief Medical Officer (Alcidion Corporation), Melbourne only


  • Jeremy Knibbs – Publisher and Journalist (The Medical Republic)

10.30am to 10.45am

From Left of Field:

At the bleeding edge of AI, Crispr and other healthcare transformational technologies



  • Professor Erwin Loh – Group Chief Medical Officer (St Vincent’s Health)


10.45am to 11.15am


Plus: Networking appointments

11.15am to 12.30pm

 Audience Policy Hack 

  • A faster track to an effective local regime of standards and governance as a platform for future development of our eHealth Infrastructure.


  • Bettina McMahon – Chief Operation Officer (Australian Digital Health Agency)
  • Emma Hossack- Chief Executive Officer (Medical Software Industry Association)
  • Dr. Antony Sara – Medical Advisor  (South Eastern Sydney Local Health District)
  • Lorraine Pyefinch – Chief Relationship Officer (Best Practice Software)
  • TBC


  • TBC

12:30pm to 12:45pm

Armchair fight:
To EMR or not EMR?

Two leading ER doctors discuss the pros and cons of getting a new EMR, and whether they even want one or not.


  • Dr. George Douros
  • TBC

12.45pm to 1.30pm


Networking Appointments (continue)

1.35pm to 2.20 pm

Great Debate 2 :

Who is doing better at digital health? Tertiary or Primary Care? Why?

What is this debate really about? Interoperability and our federated health system.

Introduction (10 mins) : Dr Harry Nespolon


  • How much disconnection is there between tertiary and primary digital development especially in terms of interoperability
  • What are the major achievements of each sector in terms of interoperability and patient centric focus
  • What are the key issues facing both sectors
  • Where are the key intersections in interoperability
  • What role is the my Health Record playing
  • What technologies are underlying better interoperability in both sectors and which ones overlap
  • Best case examples of primary patient management systems talking tertiary and vice versa
  • What are the political issues to be overcome
  • FHIR role in each sector in closing the gap
  • Are there lessons from each sector for the other sector
  • The future


  • Dr. Harry Nespolon – President (The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners)
  • Dr. Zoran Bolevich- Chief Executive (eHealth NSW), Sydney only
  • Dr. Antony Sara – Medical Advisor  (South Eastern Sydney Local Health District)
  • Dr. Gerard Foley – Chief Executive Officer (Sonic Clinical Services)
  • Lorraine Pyefinch – Chief Relationship Officer (Best Practice Software)
  • Tim Blake – Managing Director (Semantic Consulting)
  • Cynthia Stanton – General Manager (Sydney North Primary Health Network), Sydney only


  • TBC

2:20pm to 2:35pm

Armchair fight:
Is the future of Australian Healthcare Cybersecurity  bleak?


  • TBC

2:35pm to 2.50pm

From Left of Field:

Healthcare’s distribution game of thrones and ‘the cloud’


  • Competing for distribution to GPs and patients
  • The players: PMS vendors, appointment engines, applications providers
  • Interoperability issues
  • Patient power or doctor power
  • The role of the cloud
  • Distributed technology imperative


  • Jeremy Knibbs – Publisher and Jouranlist (The Medical Republic)



Afternoon Tea

3.20pm to 4.20pm

Great Debate 3:

Effective chronic care treatment across the country can only happen with far better digital health infrastructure?


Interoperability, data sharing, connectivity of tertiary, primary , allied health and the patient


  • Interoperability
  • Cloud technologies
  • Secure messaging standardisation
  • Distributed data sharing
  • FHIR
  • EMRs, PAS, PMS, other patient record systems
  • Chronic care networks and networking
  • Health Care Homes and funding
  • Outcomes vs fee for service funding transition
  • Role of insurance companies
  • Pilots and products



  • Professor Michael Georgeff- Chief Executive Officer (Precedence Health)
  • Dr. Nathan Pinskier – Chairman (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners National Standing Committee for eHealth), Melbourne only
  • Matiu Bush – Senior Strategist Business Innovation (Bolton Clarke)
  • Emma Hossack- Chief Executive Officer (Medical Software Industry Association)
  • Sharon Hakkeness – Chief Information Officer (Barwon Health), Melbourne only


  • TBC
 4.20pm to 5.00pm
Hot Healthcare Startups – Expression Session
5 new starts ups pitch to the audience


  • Dr. Amandeep Hansra- Co-founder (Evermed Consulting)

 5.00pm to 5.10pm

This is the end

Wrap – MC

5.10pm to 7.00pm

Cocktails, Canapes, a guitarist and Networking!
* Music, Margaritas, Meet the Speakers and our Sponsors