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Bridging Interoperability Gaps: the Patient Safety Imperative

KEYNOTE: Dr Zoran Bolevich, CEO, eHealth NSW
PANELLISTS: Dr Ged Foley (CEO - IPN Medical Centres), Tom Bowden (HealthLink) , Dr Zoran Bolevich (CEO e-Health NSW), Dr Monica Trujillo (CCIO, ADHA), Michael Draheim (CIO Metro South Health), Emma Hossack (President, Medical Industry Software Assoc.), Dr David Dembo (General Manager, Orion Health)
MODERATOR: Tim Blake, Managing Director of Semantic Consulting

  • How far are we (really) from seamless 'interoperability' in secure messaging?
  • The transformative role of the major private pathology and imaging providers and the patient management software vendors
  • The real impact of one centrally held medical record?
  • Connecting primary, tertiary – the holy grail of information-enabled health and allied care

[ VIEW INTERVIEW : Dr Ged Foley ]

[ VIEW INTERVIEW : Dr Monica Trujillo]

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Involving the Patient in Creating a Sustainable Healthcare System in Australia

KEYNOTE: Dr Marcus Tan,  Founder and CEO, Health Engine
PANELLISTS: Dr Marcus Tan (Health Engine), Dr Karen Price (GPs Down Under), Professor Michael Georgeff (Monash University and Founder/CEO Precedence Health Care), Dr Louise Teo (GP and Founder of The Medical Startup), Dr Tanya Pelly (Clinical Lead – Quantium Health Outcomes), Dr Peter Edelstein (CMO, Elsevier Clinical Solutions, Reed Elsevier)
MODERATOR: Dr Jared Dart, A/Prof, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Welio

  • Why (and how) healthcare is the next disruptor's paradise — patients are digital consumers!
  • How to shift information symmetry towards patients — a digital journey in the making
  • The 24x7, mobile connected patient — are we there yet?
  • The essentials of social media, clinical care and learning

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