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Rise of AI and the Intelligent Medical Cloud: Trends, Disruptions, Reality

KEYNOTE: Professor Enrico Coiera, Australian Institute of Health Innovation
PANELLISTS: Professor Enrico Coiera (AIHI, Macquarie University), Jenny Levy (Group Director Info. Services St John of God), James Patterson (CIO, NSW Health Pathology), Ian Manovel (Innovation Principal Director for Health and Public Service at Accenture Australia), Nic Woods (Dr Health Executive, Microsoft), Brent Franich (Regional Director APJ – Flashblade, Pure Storage)
MODERATOR:  Dr Peter Edelstein, Reed Elsevier (USA)

  • A deeper dive into what 'connectivity' really means for data-enabled healthcare
  • True, seamless connectivity: what makes a success story?
  • The future of healthcare: the trends and disruptions to watch
  • The reach and impact of the intelligent medical cloud

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Involving the Patient in Creating a Sustainable Healthcare System in Australia

KEYNOTE: Dr Marcus Tan,  Founder and CEO, Health Engine
PANELLISTS: Dr Marcus Tan (Health Engine), Dr Karen Price (GPs Down Under), Professor Michael Georgeff (Monash University and Founder/CEO Precedence Health Care), Dr Louise Teo (GP and Founder of The Medical Startup), Dr Tanya Pelly (Clinical Lead – Quantium Health Outcomes), Dr Peter Edelstein (CMO, Elsevier Clinical Solutions, Reed Elsevier)
MODERATOR: Dr Jared Dart, A/Prof, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Welio

  • Why (and how) healthcare is the next disruptor's paradise — patients are digital consumers!
  • How to shift information symmetry towards patients — a digital journey in the making
  • The 24x7, mobile connected patient — are we there yet?
  • The essentials of social media, clinical care and learning

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