Wild Health publisher Jeremy Knibbs is joined by GP leaders in digital health – Dr Amandeep Hansra and Dr Nathan Pinskier, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, and Dr Harry Nespolon, the president of the RACGP, to discuss pressing issues arising from the transition to telehealth.

Three months into the new telehealth reality, four experts reflect on the implications of this rapid digital expansion and look to future consequences for GP practices and  their patients.


Discussing concerns around sustainability and the unintended consequences of such a hasty implementation, the panellists nevertheless agree that telehealth integration is ultimately a good thing. Covid-19 has revealed existing flaws in the system, and the experts say that this is an opportunity to review and improve on current methods.

Whist many GPs are concerned about navigating new technology, the panellists suggest that communication channels and patient experience is more important. They discuss benefits of integrating telehealth with face-to-face consultations, and how to decide which method to use.

From privacy and policy issues, to infrastructure and sustainability, this webinar covers a range of questions posed about the long- and short-term implications of telehealth. The consensus reached is that transitioning to telehealth is not as hard as it seems – and indeed, presents an opportunity for urgent healthcare reform.
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