Agenda Overview - Wild Health Summits : Connectivity Wild Health Summits : Connectivity

Agenda Overview

Wild Health Summit
Tuesday, 20 November 2018
York Theatre @ The Seymour Centre, Sydney

This intelligent conference will canvass the important trends and exciting disruptions facing the future of health care, and will put a spotlight on the technology, interconnectivity, security and interoperability issues facing the sector.

Australia’s first “Hospitals of the Future”

A deep dive into how Australia’s first hospitals of the future reached Healthcare Information Management System Society (HIMSS) Stage 6 certification. This session reveals the impressive evidence of our very own world-class models of patient care - from closed-loop medication management to a fully-integrated patient system to real time data at the bedside. Leading CXOs from Australia’s best hospitals reveal how team leadership, extensive planning, transformational change management and a unique collaboration with clinicians’ input in solution design proved critical to success; and a look towards what’s next.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning – Predicting Death, Saving Lives

How AI-based software models are predicting death 24 hours after admission with 93% to 95% accuracy; and how they are predicting patient deaths 24-48 hours before current methods. This session looks at the enablement of doctors to administer potentially life-saving interventions; and the ability to predict unplanned re-admissions to medical facilities within 30 days; and probable length of stay and diagnoses.

Healthcare by Design

Innovation-enabled technology improving patient experiences – exploring how physical, spatial and digital environment design improves recovery and patient experience that is set to become a benchmark standard at our healthcare centres of the Future

After the Great Opt Out – is My Health Record going to make it?

We are now three months into the Australian Digital Health Agency’s grand opt-out experiment. But can we ‘see clearly now’? Or is the future of the MHR still a work in progress; and importantly, what does this mean for our health system and interoperability at large?

CXO Leaders Panel

From how robotics is spawning a USD$12.80 billion by 2021, to the incredible disruption of deep learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality – this panel of great minds takes a dive into the not-to-distant future of health and how all of the above is set to transform the orle of clinician as you know it.

The Inconvenient Truth of EMRs

CXOs are increasingly pressured to overcome the legacy challenges of implementing new – and/or transforming existing – Enterprise Management Records. This session canvasses the inconvenient truths behind the challenges, and explores the best-practice solutions for a future-proof EMR system.

“Health-Engine-Gate” – Data, Privacy and Security

How does the latest data breach impact the future of health privacy and patient protection in Australia; what have we learned, and how can health leaders implement best practice systems to avoid a similar fate?

Virtual Health a Very Real Reality

Leading experts show (on stage!) why healthcare is one of the biggest adopters of immersive, virtual reality that encompasses surgery simulation, phobia treatment, robotic surgery and skills training.

The Future of FHIR in Australia – from Primary Care to Hospital ERs

The internationally-renown chief architect behind the global standard, Australia’s very own Grahame Grieve, reveals what’s needed to shift the focus from data to clinical interoperability; and how the health sector can put the fire behind FHIR in data aggregation.

The Rise of Blockchain– Beyond Pilot Projects

How Blockchain-based healthcare systems is delivering on its promise to overcome pervasive challenges such as protecting patient data and security; integrity and portability

Watch This Space

Australia’s leading medical, technology and health start-ups who are leading the charge in next-gen telehealth, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the IoT, will take to the stage in a pitch-fest like no other.

Telehealth and Telemedicine – Where We Are Now, and What’s Next?

The digital innovations driving telemedicine such as wearables, tele-monitoring blood pressure and other tracking indicators that is bringing healthcare to our lounge rooms.

EHRs and Hospital CXOs @ the Coalface of Transformation

A fresh take at the solutions that could assist hospital CEOs and CIOs overcome current challenges in implementing, maintaining and upgrading their electronic health record (EHR) systems – ranging from technical to security to strategy to human interaction.

How Real is the Promise of Hyper-Networking?

Impressive cases-in-point of how hyper-converged networking is enhancing the patient experience, bolstering productivity in real-time, empowering clinicians and nurses on the move – and saving lives!