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About Us

Wild Health Summits attract professionals from health, government, technology and the clinical coalface under the same roof for a day of Q&A and robust discussions on some of our most important and challenging healthcare transformation issues.

We aim to create meaningful new networks and connections for you as a health care professional who is passionate about the potential of technology, but frustrated by its complexity and the isolation that often comes with working in our diverse healthcare system.

Our Summits strive to:


The Wild Health Summit is a collaboration between Wild Health Media and The Medical Republic, a media group that talks directly to Australian doctors and their patients with a deliberate leaning towards digital disruption and healthcare transformation. The group currently has a fortnightly newspaper to 20,000 doctors (mostly GPs), a daily email newsletter distributed to more than 7,500 users, and mobile/social online offerings.

Our investors and partners include Tonic Health Media, founded by Dr Norman Swan; and HealthEd, Australia’s largest face-to-face medical education conferencing group to doctors and nurse practitioners.

The group also has investments in several start-up digital medical businesses such as Welio, PRN Info and MediRecords. The group’s publisher is Jeremy Knibbs, previously the CEO of Cirrus Media and Reed Business Information (RBI). Both Cirrus Media and RBI developed significant global internet businesses that included The Australian Doctor Group – the largest medical media business in the country – among it’s core products.

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The media team at Wild Health Media are expertly positioned to provide your organisation with customised-solutions that meet your unique marketing strategy in healthcare.

These include, but are not limited, to:


For more information about attending the Wild Health Summit; speaking; and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at info@wildhealth.net.au or call Jeremy Knibbs on 0405128867 or email: jeremy@medicalrepublic.com.au