18 June 2019

12 quotes and headlines that set the scene for medical AI


  1. “What is the fate of medicine in the time of AI?. Our fate is to change” -The Lancet, 392, 2331, 2018
  2. “Move fast and break things…unfortunately in medical AI that means kill people” – Prof Enrico Coiera, AAAIH
  3. ““I think that if you work as a radiologist you are like Wile E. Coyote …You’re already over the edge of the cliff, but you haven’t yet looked down yet.” –  Geoffrey Hinton –father of neural networks
  4. Google Allo suggested man in turban emoji as response to a gun emoji (headline)
  5. Addendum to Asimov’s Laws (on robots)“Genocide….bad.”   – Prof Enrico Coiera , 2019
  6. “AI will most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there’ll be great companies.” –  Sam Altman (Chairman, OpenAPI)
  7. “If you trust software, you tend to believe it”  – Enrico Coiera, 2019, on Mosier & Skitka’s, 1996 definition of automation bias – ‘the tendency to use automated cues as a heuristic replacement for vigilant information seeking and processing
  8. Amazon Alexa starts a party – and the neighbuors call the cops (headline)
  9. “Any doctor who loses his or her job because of AI deserves to lose their job” – Nathan Pinskier – GP and ex RACGP e-committee head…and many others now
  10. Man killed in Tesla auto-drive crash may have been watching Harry Potter (headline)
  11. “We can’t replace empathy”  – New Scientist – 2018
  12. “I for one welcome our new robot overlords” – increasingly popular internet meme