Maryborough District Health Service has rolled out Telstra Health’s Virtual Health Monitoring for monitoring the health and wellbeing of its patients remotely.

Patients of Maryborough District Health Service can now monitor their symptoms and vital signs from their own home by connecting to a secure digital health platform via a patient app using a compatible device.

Virtual Health Monitoring is an integrated, at-home solution which allows patients to take a more active role in monitoring their health, enabling them to track and submit their pulse and oxygen saturation using a SpO2 pulse oximeter?, temperature, blood glucose, weight and blood pressure.

Using Bluetooth, patients can submit the data of their vital signs and symptoms either manually or via the MyCareManager patient app, which are then securely sent to a web-based portal at Maryborough District Health Service.

Once a patient’s data has been securely transmitted, information regarding deteriorating conditions is automatically flagged to a clinician, enabling healthcare providers to take pre-emptive action by following up with patients through a secure video call which connects directly to a patient’s compatible mobile device.

General Manager of Virtual Care Solutions at Telstra Health, Melanie Gates, said, “Through our Virtual Health Monitoring solution, Maryborough District Health Service can continue delivering high-quality, safe care from a distance. As more Australians choose to receive ongoing care in their home, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual Health Monitoring is helping Maryborough District Health Service provide a more integrated and efficient delivery of care.”

Telstra Health’s Virtual Health Monitoring is particularly relevant for patients who are directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic or are considered to be vulnerable or at-risk, such as those with pre-existing chronic conditions or who are undergoing treatments which can weaken their immune systems. The solution helps enable patients to have reduced exposure to others which may put them, or those monitoring them, at risk.

The modular solution is also able to support resource management at Maryborough District Health Service by digitising usual and emergency care practises and freeing up capacity and unnecessary hospitalisations or emergency department presentations within hospitals for patients who are more critical.

“Virtual Health Monitoring enables patients to receive exceptional healthcare at their convenience, reducing the need to pay a visit to a physical site and empowering them to take a more  proactive approach in monitoring their health and wellbeing, while reducing potential unnecessary burdens on a hospital’s workforce,” Ms Gates adds.

“With the addition of Virtual Health Monitoring, Maryborough District Health Service aims to further enhance the high level of care delivered, by helping provide the right tools for patients to feel empowered in their own health journey. It will not only help to keep vulnerable patients safe in their own environment, but also decrease the overall anxiety of being discharged to home, by having a health professional monitor the patient 24/7.”  Chelsea Walker – project lead for My Care Manager.

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