Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions can be a big step towards transforming a healthcare provider. But an EMR alone as a digital solution will not generally get an organisation far.

As much as 80% of vital patient information can remain unstructured and stored outside of this core clinical system. Creating a truly comprehensive Patient Management System and record means leveraging content and enterprise imaging applications that can capture, consolidate and integrate this unstructured information with your EMR system.

Such a system can create a lot of value for the patient and return for the organisation. But we’re at a stage of EMR and independent system implementation that leaves most organisations in the middle ground, not being able to manage either.

In this podcast, Hyland Healthcare’s Peter Weston chats to Wild Health publisher Jeremy Knibbs about what is often missing from an EMR implementation, where to find it, and how you might bring all your important patient data within one content management ecosystem.

This podcast features Peter Weston, Leader Healthcare Sales, Asia Pacific, Hyland Healthcare.