4 April 2019

Cynthia Stanton

Cynthia Stanton is a healthcare professional with over 12 years’ experience developing and implementing primary care programs to support healthcare professionals and integrating health services to improve the patient journey. Her extensive knowledge of the Northern Sydney region comes from experience working previously in both the Division of General Practice and Medicare Local.

Cynthia has led successful primary care and integrated care programs including Sydney North’s Person Centred Medical Home program, Primary Care Nurse Transition program and Primary Care Education program, which has supported growth and development for local health professionals and strengthened the delivery of local primary care to patients.

At Sydney North Health Network, Cynthia leads the Primary Care Advancement and Integration team, who are focused on building primary care capacity through quality improvement, development of local health pathways and connecting health providers through digital health to support smoother transitions of care and the delivery of a simplified healthcare system for our community.

Cynthia’s knowledge of the primary care sector and understanding of the importance of integrated care in the patient’s healthcare journey is backed by a Bachelor of Science, Pharmacology.