20 May 2022

David Paré

Chief Technology Officer, Olinqua.

David Paré has recently joined Olinqua’s leadership team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

With over 20 years of experience in global technology development and business management, David has helped many organisations across different sectors – banking, insurance, government, and especially digital health – through successful digital transformation journeys.

David has spent half of his career delivering large EHR transformation programs across Canada and ANZ and working closely with hospitals to integrate healthcare solutions and strategies that drive better clinical outcomes.

Prior to Olinqua, David was the Global VP/Director of Products at Dedalus for its Connected Healthcare portfolio, overseeing a team of 250+ people to create the company’s first SaaS (Software as a Service) product and achieving over €5m ARR in its second year of operations. David also led DXC Technology’s Healthcare and Life Sciences in Australia and New Zealand, leading the organisation’s digital strategy and growing top-line revenue over 10% year-on-year through a new data and analytics digital platform to market.

As a recognised international e-Health expert, David has a real passion for digital healthcare which is why he chairs the WA Health Informatics Society of Australia and has a seat on the Health Informatics advisory board at Curtin University.

Outside of Olinqua, David continues to educate and engage a global audience on the topics of technology, innovation, and healthcare, through his self-founded Internet-of-Everything worldwide community.

To connect with David, please reach out via LinkedIn or via Olinqua’s contact form.