24 April 2024

Dr Ati Jhajj

Ati Jhajj, serving as an advisor and client coach within the Amelio Health program, brings a decade of dedicated experience as a passionate General Practitioner (GP). With a rich background in clinical governance across diverse healthcare environments and a focus on digital health, Ati’s expertise extends beyond clinical practice.

Ati is a Clinical Advisor to healthtech startups, providing medical insights and research for Family offices and Venture Capitalists, contributing to various early-stage medical companies. Their profound understanding of the intricacies within health tech enterprises positions Ati to grasp the challenges impacting stakeholders in this field.

An adept communicator and relationship builder, Ati excels in sales and marketing, effortlessly navigating diverse settings and audiences, from personal interactions to addressing conference attendees. With a strong commitment to enhancing healthcare through creativity and innovation, Ati eagerly contributes their multifaceted skills to collaborative teams striving to elevate the standards and possibilities within the healthcare landscape