22 May 2024

Dr Srishti Dutta

Dr Srishti Dutta is Director for General Practice Supervision Australia.

Dr Dutta is a GP with over a decade of clinical and non-clinical experience, having worked across 3 continents and observed a range of health systems closely. She has attained fellowship as a GP both in Australia in the UK, is a GP supervisor and ECT visitor, an Examiner for the RACGP, a Medical Facilitator at the Black Dog Institute, and a GP Liaison Officer (GPLO) as part of the joint initiative between Metro North HHS and Brisbane North PHN.

Srishti has been closely involved with a number of local projects aimed at better integration and collaborative care to improve outcomes for patients with chronic conditions, and with RACGP Future Leaders – aiming to shine light on the journeys and lives of fellow migrant doctors to explore factors which may influence their success and the likelihood of them reaching their full potential in their professional lives as GPs