30 May 2023

Dr Suzanne Miller

Director of Strategy, Quality, and Technology / Clinical Deputy Director, Victorian Virtual Emergency Department

Dr Suzanne Miller is an emergency physician who has practiced on every continent with over a decade of experience commercializing technology globally. She is dedicated to merging medical, business, and technological knowledge to create evidence-based services, products, and systems that help people live healthier.

Dr Miller’s current work is focused on building the public emergency telehealth service in the state of Victoria, while serving on the clinical board of Cyban, an early-stage brain monitoring start-up. In my prior role as chief medical officer of Ventec Life Systems, maker of VOCSN multifunction ventilator, manufacturing production grew 80x in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previous executive roles involved championing telehealth as chief clinical officer of Coviu, an Australian-based telehealth company, and liaising with engineers and the global health community as chief medical officer of Eniware, a spin-off portable sterilization company.