30 November 2017

Grahame Grieve

Grahame Grieve is widely considered the national subject matter expert for clinical data exchange in Australia, including working with the National Health Record Program (ADHA).

He is the project lead and product director for FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), an HL7 Standard and is the co-chair of Modeling and Methodology Work Group at HL7 and member of HL7 Australia Technical Steering committee.

His qualifications are wide and varied, including:

  • Fellow, Australian College of Healthcare Informatics
  • Member, Australian Association of Clinical Biochemists
  • BSc in Biochemistry (Auckland University)
  • Lead editor for ISO 21090 and various HL7 v2 chapters as well
  • Past CTO for Kestral Computing P/L: leadership, development methodology, strategic technologies, enterprise architecture, and standards and interoperability, and conceived, developed and sold clinical enterprise information systems and interoperability and clinical document solutions and products
  • Project lead for Open Healthcare Framework and clinical researcher at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne