17 December 2021

Matt Maw

Matt Maw has been driving digital change across a variety of industries and organisations for over 20 years.  These changes have had foundational impact to the organisations that he has been involved in and have profoundly changed for the better both organisational outcomes and customer satisfaction. 

These changes have been delivered from all sides of the delivery continuum.  Matt has been a senior IT owner within organisations, including being the CTO of Tatts Group, one of the world’s largest gaming and gambling organisations.  He has also delivered change at Dimension Data (now NTT), a global system integrator, as a client deliver executive responsible for the largest data centre outsourcing client in Australia.  Finally the last number of years, Matt has moved to the vendor community, most recently as a senior manager at VMware, delivering digital change across a vast array of customers.  Matt has now joined Nutanix as Head of Channel, to bring his broad experiences to a new customer base, interested in taking the next step in their digital revelation.