31 May 2021

Michelle O’Brien

Michelle is one of Australia’s most influential and respected voices on Digital Health and Interoperability. 

Michelle has navigated leading companies in the dynamic digital health and technologies sectors throughout her career. Michelle graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration expanding her knowledge with experience working in commercial data driven technology projects across corporate leaders, including ANZ, Reuters, BHP, ICI and Oracle before moving to healthcare with senior leadership roles with  Medical Director and MediRecords in integration and strategy.

During a career break to raise a family and as a carer for a parent Michelle developed a vision for a future of integrated health technology. Incorporating the entire spectrum of care with health application interfaces enabling data to be read and shared appropriately and securely with appropriate stakeholders, including the individual! On returning to the workforce, Michelle embarked on a journey of utilising her unique skill set to guide health providers in transforming outdated technology to deliver transformational models of care.

Michelle has supported the commercialisation and integration of innovative solutions across including RPM, AI, NLP, Digital Therapeutics, Prems and Proms, and Data Driven health. Michelle has navigated complex funding models to support the funding of transformational models of care. Michelle has gained unique insight into the challenges and barriers to the adoption of new technology in healthcare.

Michelle has the rare helicopter thinking and the vison to achieve that holy grail of interoperability.