9 May 2022

Russel Duncan

Russel Duncan is the Chief Technology Officer for Telstra Health.  In his role he is accountable for three things, guiding the technology directions of Telstra Health products, ownership for the innovation process and  ownership for Analytics and AI strategies of Telstra Health.  

Prior to joining Telstra Health, Russel owned the company formerly known as Emerging Systems which Telstra Health purchased in 2015 and prior to that was the CIO at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Russel is a thought leader and advocate for better technology for the health sector in Australia.  He’s passionate about making a real and significant difference to the health of individuals.  Russel’s mantra is “technology is the servant of the user not the other way around

Russel has degrees in Education, Information Technology and Science.

In his spare time, Russel can be found gazing through his collection of telescopes, riding motorcycles, or building unusual things in his small machine shop