The weekly podcast series on Australian healthtech, Talking Healthtech is expanding its offering into a comprehensive new directory for the sector

If you’re like me, you make Talking HealthTech a regular part of your weekly media consumption.

The weekly podcast series narrated and moderated by MetaOptima general manager Peter Birch in his spare time features an interview each week with a key personality from the health tech scene.

Over the past year Birch, who loves the sector and who works in it at the coal face at the same time, has built a loyal following with his friendly but in-the-know style.

Now Birch is expanding that offering into what he says is the “the largest, most comprehensive and interactive directory of healthtech solutions available to Australian practitioners today.”

Birch says a key functionality of the directory is matching the best healthtech providers for a particular situation, such as if you are practice owner deciding which health technology you might need for your next practice.

He has relaunched his website to accommodate the new functionality.

“Choosing a healthtech solution is a huge investment, not just financially. It takes a lot of time, and it can create a lot of disruption to your clinic. So, you want to do it right,” Birch said in an email he sent recently to providers.

“Remove all the noise and confusion, and engage directly with any of these providers, or just tell us what kind of solution you’re looking for and the problem you need to solve, and we will match you with the best options for you to compare side by side.”

Birch said the directory will allow for comparisons between like products to help make more informed buying decisions:

“Which technology solution is better for your healthcare practice – HotDoc or

HealthEngine? Medical Director or Best Practice? Coreplus or Cliniko?

Until now, for you to try and compare these; and any other healthtech solutions to use in your practice, you’d have to do countless hours of website research, ask your colleagues, or just hope for the best, and go in blind, or, not make a decision at all get caught up in analysis paralysis”

Birch said that until now there has been no easy way to search for all healthtech solutions available to Australian practitioners and compare them side by side.

The directory will offer review functionality where both vendors and users can contribute.

There are over 300 listings already in the directory, ready for those companies to claim and customise as they like says Birch.

“If you don’t see your company listed, you can quickly create an account for free,” he said

If you’re a healthtech solution and want to complete a more comprehensive listing, then Birch is offering the promo code 50GET50 when you choose a paid plan to get 50% off. You can get your listing HERE

The other industry directory is offered by PULSE IT, the daily news service for the industry, but Birch said that his offering was far more comprehensive and interactive.

The move signals that Birch and Talking HealthTech want to keep moving upstream in the healthtech media sector in Australia. Currently that is dominated by PULSE IT with its daily news offering, but in a sign that the sector is growing and healthy media offerings in the sector are starting to grow around PULSE IT.