4 March 2020

The ‘Don’ makes time for HIMSS 2020

HIMSS Insights

HIMSS 2020, on next week in Orlando Florida, and the largest annual digital health gathering in the world, has scored another PR coup, with sitting US president, Donald Trump now scheduled as keynote for the first day of the conference on March 9. It’s the first time a sitting president has ever attended HIMSS – past presidents have, but presumably at some cost – and probably signals that healthcare cost and technology is shaping up as a major battleground for the US presidential race late in the year. Current democratic front runner, Bernie Sanders, has made a promise of universal healthcare for all Americans, which is sure to stimulate a few amusing anectotes from Trump in his bid to discredit Sanders as being just a little bit crazy (that’s irony).

HIMSS says Trump’s speech will touch on  aspects of interoperability, which should make for some interesting dialogue.  Trump’s appearance might coincide with with the long-awaited final rules on information blocking and patient access from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. And will be just one week after Super Tuesday’s democratic nomination free for all, which will probably determine who the main frontrunners will be from the Democratics to compete with Trump in the presidential election. If it’s Sanders, his speech is sure to be fun.