11 June 2020

Transforming the future of nursing post COVID via technology (and education)



While nursing has been in the position of responding to profound change over the past decade COVID-19 has provided a catalyst for much of that change to occur on a faster timetable.

Elsevier Health is launching a series of thought leader webinars to look at how this is already happening in some hospitals practice and other care environments, and how it can happen in others based on the learnings of managing a pandemic.

The series will focus on new roles, practice environments, care models and policy changes that can contribute to a new model of healthcare.

 During Covid-19

  • What challenges did the nurses face during this pandemic and how has technology alleviated the burden?
  • How have hospitals pivoted digitally to transform their services due to the current pandemic settings and what is the impact to the current nursing practice in Australia?
  • Hospital across the world are calling back retired nurses and bringing nursing student in their last semester year to field to care for COVID-19 patients. How has this impacted the provision of care to patients and how is the quality of care being ensured / standardized?

 Post Covid-19


  • How will hospital systems look post COVID-19 in terms of technology adoption and the provision of care?
  • New specialties in nursing such as nursing informatics, increased leadership opportunities and the use of telemedicine and mobile health are just a few ways that nursing has changed in the past ten years. Will these changes be accelerated now?
  • How are nurses prepared for the increasing adoption of technology in the near future?
  • How can technology help with the shortage of nursing staff?

Role of nurses in digital adoption

  •  How will the roles and responsibilities of nurses change with the increasing adoption of technology?
  • What are the skills that nurse leaders need to be equipped in the post COVID-19 landscape?
  • What is the role of nursing leaders in the adoption of digital technology to change the way healthcare works?
  • Changes in the care models – distributed care, preventive health, patient-centric care – will require nurses to play an active role in caring for the patient. How can technology help to achieve this? How do we ensure the training and the education for nurses is going to change with the adoption of new model of care ?
  • How can policy changes help guide the changes in nursing practice?

View from nursing perspective

In your view, how will the nursing practice evolve over the next 3 years?